How to Hang Baskets and Plates on the Wall

Welcome to our in-depth guide to using hanging wall baskets and plates to make eye-catching visual statements in your house. Thoughtfully crafted and pre-styled arrangements make it simple to add creativity to your walls.

Gather Materials

  • Tape for marking the installation points
  • Hammer to drive nails into the wall
  • Tape Measure crucial for accurate placement
  • Select the right type of Nails based on your wall (drywall, plaster, etc.)

Find the Center of the Furniture

  • Determine the perfect spot for hanging your wall baskets and plates.
  • Use tape or a pencil to mark the exact center of the furniture.
  • Generally, aim for 57”-60” from the floor, marking this focal point for alignment.

Lay Out Your Baskets

  • Arrange your wall baskets and plates before mounting.
  • Mimic the intended wall arrangement on the floor, using a couch, table, or counter to account for space constraints.
  • Visualize and accurately mirror the intended wall arrangement.

Start Hanging with the Largest Basket

  • Follow a systematic approach for hanging your wall baskets and plates.
  • Hammer the nail through the center of the largest basket.
  • Position the nail amidst the coils for stable support.

Hanging Methods

  • Nail through the center of the basket between coils. (Don’t worry, this won’t spoil the art.)
  • Insert a nail into the wall, then hang it using the loop on the back. (This requires a bit more calculation but adds versatility.)
  • Position smaller, lighter pieces using super strong sticky tape. (Limits holes but might remove some paint.)

Configurations For Hanging Wall Baskets

The Lone Melody

An elegantly solitary wall basket commands attention at the heart of the display, making a bold statement in its singular presence.

Harmonious Display of Three Wall Baskets

Three wall baskets are arranged in a triangle formation. This design, placing each at varying heights and distances, creates a visually balanced trio.

Starry Display

Wall baskets are arranged in a deliberate yet scattered manner, resembling a constellation. Positioned like stars in the sky, they create an abstract yet interconnected visual.

Vine Ascent

The arrangement of wall baskets mimics the growth pattern of climbing vines, ascending either vertically or diagonally. This organic layout captures the natural flow and upward growth seen in climbing plants.

The Rising Branches

Wall baskets are arranged in a pattern resembling climbing vines, ascending either vertically or diagonally. This organic arrangement evokes the natural flow and growth of a climbing plant.